$20 Fashion Fix Sets

We LOVE making our customers happy!

"Ok here's another reason why I personally LOVE your jewelry! I tend to shop the clearance racks always looking for a deal. Which is good but it also means I may not come home with something I absolutely love. If I was looking at two pair of earrings (or necklace or earrings or whatever) I would probably get the one that was cheaper. Because it was cheaper, not necessarily because I liked it more. It feels SO nice to just be able to walk in, look at ALL the beautiful jewelry and pick the one that I actually WANT the most, and not worry about which one is cheaper. They are ALL the same price and they are all just so pretty!"


OAK Sisters Jewelry is amazing! The lives every Thursday are fun to be included in. There are always beautiful pieces for everyone's style. Then your items are carefully packed and shipped quickly.


Lisa is just a joy to deal with. If there is anything you need assistance with she is more than willing to help you out. She definitely goes above and beyond to help her customers.
I definitely recommend you try OAK Sisters Jewelry. 


OAK Sisters Jewelry is BY FAR the very BEST Paparazzi provider in all the land! Lisa is the sweetest, friendliest, kindest person that genuinely cares about your satisfaction with your purchase! She takes great care in making sure you have an incredible experience from start to finish with buying anything from her (right down to the super fun packaging she sends your treasures in the mail with)! Her live videos are the best way to spend a Thursday night in because it feels like you’re just hanging out with the gals! She also is amazing at remembering all your favorite styles & makes you feel special because she keeps you in mind when a piece is released that she knows you’ll love! All this to say that if you have yet to find a Paparazzi consultant that brings you joy, look no further! You won’t find anyone better than Lisa & her girls at OAK Sisters Jewelry!


I most certainly would advise anyone that could to shop with Lisa .. She is very kind hearted, and works for the betterment of you .. She is always willing to help you get the pieces you might want, and to save you the postage, as well ... IF you do not have a jewelry lady, right here would be a good one to tune in with.. Miss Lisa could help you choose those pieces you want, and be willing to help you in any way she could .. Drop in and get to know this fine lady, and get your jewelry fix ON !! It's only $5 Fun Fabulous Affordable Jewelry... Come in and say hello, Get To know these ladies, and get your jewelry collection started today!


THANK YOU from OAK Sisters Jewelry (Lisa Teuscher)!

I hope you enjoyed browsing and shopping with me!

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